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PTP strives for continuous improvement by prioritizing 100% customer satisfaction, and delivering product on schedule, often to multiple locations worldwide.

We maintain AS9100/ISO 9001:2015 Rev. D certification, and hold a Laboratory Control at Source (LCS) designation for Pratt & Whitney.

PTP is an accredited supplier of high strength fasteners by Collins Aerospace (formerly UTC Aerospace Systems-UTAS, and is included on DLA’s QSLM for Class 3 Threaded Fasteners. PTP has a robust internal Quality Management System (QMS) and is Federal Government / Military Build-to-Print approved.

Incoming material verification is performed for compliance to chemistry, certification and end use applications. Components are tested for hardness, tensile strength, and stress rupture, and are subjected to FPI and MPI testing following each manufacturing process.

AS9100/ISO 9001:2008 certification, and are an Approved Laboratory Controlled Source (LCS) for Pratt & Whitney.

Complete specification testing is performed per customer requirements. Dimensional inspections are performed per sampling guidelines in accordance with ANSI Z1.4, ASQR20.1, S-1000, C=0.

Advanced 2D barcoding is used for inventory control, with over 2000 SKUs maintained.

Documentation, including certifications and test datum, is maintained for ten years minimum, or per customer requirements. Records are available upon customer request.