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PTP - Size-on-size Studs

Size-On-Size Studs


PTP produces Size-on-size Studs

Size-on-size studs are similar to ring locked studs except that both threads have the same nominal diameter. This feature allows the stud to be installed into minimum size bosses. The captivated lock-ring provides a positive lock against rotation, transferring high torque loads from the stud to the base material while the stud threads resist tension loads.

  • Manufactured in A286 corrosion-resistant steel.
  • Lock rings are made from CRES 5640/303 stainless steel material or UNS 30300 material.
  • AS3319 diameter is 0.190″
  • AS3320 diameter is 0.250″
  • AS3321 diameter is 0.3125″
  • AS3322 diameter is 0.375″
AS3319 Part Numbers | AS3320 Part Numbers | AS3321 Part Numbers | AS3322 Part Numbers

If you have a requirement for highly reliable Size-on-size Studs, talk with our knowledgeable sales, engineering and quality team members about how we can help!

PTP will soon be certified to manufacture HS4773-equivalent parts for Boeing. Details soon!