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PTP - Key Lock Studs

Key Lock Studs

PTP produces Ring and Key Lock Studs

Key Lock Studs are used in structural assemblies, including forgings, turbine engines, castings and machined components where a nut is the preferred retention component. Key Lock Studs act as a renewable hardened fastener platform to prevent thread wear and as permanent locators for component assemblies.

Processed to strict government requirements, PTP Key Lock Studs (aka Staked Studs) withstand multiple assembly / disassembly cycles without appreciable wear, and are available with standard or Lok-thread designs to enhance fastener retention and security.

PTP Key Locked Studs have machined lateral slots and employ preassembled keys to generate the locking mechanism. Once installed to the proper depth in specially prepared, tapped holes in the parent material, the keys are driven into the mating threads to create a permanent installation and prevent the stud from rotating or backing out.

The materials and finishes you need

PTP produces Key Lock Studs in 303 Stainless, A286, 4140 Alloy Steel, Alloy 718 (INCONEL™ 718), 6A1-4V titanium and Waspaloy. PTP can manufacture to customer-specific designs, requirements and finishes, including cadmium.

The types and sizes you need

Studs are manufactured in many sizes and thread configurations, allowing oversize stud ends to be used for component repair while still allowing the use of intended nut sizes. This eliminates the need for additional fasteners or assembly tools. All studs are available with standard or Lok-thread features.

The MS part numbers you need

PTP produces the MS part-numbers that cross reference to both Shur-Lok®and Arconic®part numbers; Series KNNS, KNHS. Download our Shur-Lok®and Arconic®part interchange brochure.

  • Key Lock Studs:
  • MS51833
  • MS51834
  • NASM 51833
  • NASM 51834

The standards you need

PTP manufactures to MS, AN, AS, NAS and other specifications.

If you’re looking for highest quality, US-made Key Lock Studs, call PTP todayto discuss your application with our knowledgeable sales, engineering and quality team members!

PTP is now certified to manufacture HS4773 studs for Boeing and its suppliers.